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I have always had a fascination for the Beatles and their music. I grew up in America and bought each album and 45 as it was released and got used to hearing the songs in that order. As I got older I learned that the american version of the albums were different than the British version. Not only did the British versions have 14 songs instead of 12 but they were in a completely different order.

So I started buying the British Albums and learned the order of the songs as the Beatles intended for you to hear them, instead of the way the American Record company decided. Later I bought a book that laid out every Beatles recording session and listed the songs recorded. I sat down one day and came up with a list of each Beatle song by the date it was first recorded by the Beatles. This proved to be quite unique in that now I could hear the songs in the order the Beatles thought of them.

PleasePleaseMe WithTheBeatles AHardDaysNight BeatlesForSale
Help RubberSoul Revolver SgtPepper
MagicalMysteryTour WhiteAlbum YellowSubmarine AbbeyRoad
LetItBe 62-66 67-70 Anthology